Application process

Step one

Do you want to be part of our fantastic team? Send us your CV/resume, cover letter, and any other documents required for the position you are interested in.

Step two

Now be patient for a while. If your application corresponds to what we are looking for, we will invite you for a short (video) interview that usually takes 15 - 20 minutes. For most open positions, the first interview is with an HR specialist, and it aims to give more clarity on the role and the company. We also want to make sure there's a match between the candidate's vision of the job and our expectations.

Step three

If all goes well, you might receive some practical assignments. Nothing that's too heavy or time-consuming. Still, something that can show us how you work and how you communicate.

Step four

The last step is an interview with team leaders, who will tell you more about the position you have applied for and ask you questions about your experience.

Step five

Congrats! We have decided that you are an excellent match for Walltopia, and we hope you also think so! Look for our official job offer in your e-mail box.

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Interview tips

It is up to you to choose the department that fits you best. Make sure you check the requirements for the positions that interest you, so that you can compare them to your education, experience, and qualifications. We value candidates that have done their research before applying for an open position. People who do everything in life with great passion and are sure about their career path are always at an advantage when applying at Walltopia. We love to hear all about the reasons why you chose us during the first phases of the recruitment process, so giving us a good explanation of why you decided to apply for the given position would definitely win you extra points!

All in all, there are three things to remember:
* Take wise and informative decisions about the department you would like to apply for;
* Apply only if you believe you would put your heart in;
* Tell us all about your choice and the reasons behind it

Application Documents

This is a very important part of the recruitment process as these documents are the tools that get you to the doors of the company. Do not underestimate their powers.

Make sure you have had enough time to revise your CV/resume and align your skills and experience with your chosen position’s description. Always emphasize on the knowledge and abilities related to the department that you are applying for, and be very specific about your past experience and achievements. We want to know what you have accomplished, not what your previous list of responsibilities was. If you are a recent graduate with little experience don’t hesitate to tell us about your university projects and extracurricular involvements – what was your role, what did you learn, and how did it turn you into a better professional.

Cover Letter:
Your cover letter shows us how you express yourself and gives us an idea of what to expect from you during the interview. Be specific and tell us about the important things in your life, which made you the person you are now. The cover letter is also the place to tell us all about why you chose to apply for the given position – convince us that you deserve a place on the “interview” table.

Things to remember:
* Align your skills and experience to your chosen position’s description;
* Be concrete and specific. (Please do not use big words just for the sake of using big words.);
* Send us a cover letter;
* Keep it short;

We strongly believe in the power of communication and that nothing can substitute thе first impression. In some cases you may go to just one interview, in others- up to three.

First interview:
Your first meeting is with Walltopia’s recruitment specialists, who are both experts at interpreting resumes and familiar with everyone’s jobs—not just the one you applied for. These are the first people you need to impress in order to proceed to the next stage. They are here to see what your best qualities are, and to route you through the entire company. It is their job to make sure you are a good match for Walltopia, and determine if we are likely to do great things together.

To get to the interview though, all candidates first pass through logical reasoning test. These help us form an opinion about how you think, and how quickly you get things done. Keep in mind that if you are applying for a role in the R&D, Accounting, Law, Engineering or Design department you should be prepared for a hard-skills test that covers your role-related knowledge. You would be invited for an interview only if your results have been acceptable.

Both the test and the interview takes about one and a half hours.

Remember to:
Show us deep knowledge of the company (products, teams, history and values);
Ask questions – take your time and think about these before you come to the interview;

Second interview:
The second meeting is with your potential manager and mentor. Take the chance to highlight your best qualities one more time. We might ask you some open-ended questions that put you in a situation very similar to a real one. Keep in mind that we would like to learn more about your problem solving approach. It is important to explain your thought process when answering such questions. The way you communicate and make decisions is another thing we would like to explore and learn more about during the interview.

Overall, we are looking to find the 5 important characteristics of each Walltopia member in you:

Able to deeply research and absorb information;
Hungry for knowledge with a life-long learning attitude;
Positively anxious – in case you are wondering, this is the feeling that you could always score better in everything you do; the feeling that motivates you to keep moving, as you believe that you were born to do great things!

Decision Process
Our hiring committee includes the CEO, the manager of the team, a peer you would be working with and the recruitment specialist. We go through all of your documents once again (CV, cover letter, and test results), and have a short discussion about your application. After a structured and objective review process, we make our final decision.

We will send you an official job offer via e-mail no later than a day after your last interview. Please mind the deadline for your final answer. We are very punctual and discipline is one of our top qualities – this is why we would like the exact same attitude from you if you are about to enter the team.

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